Advanced Lighting Controls and Its Considerations

Wouldn’t you be interested to save almost one third of energy consumption of your lighting system? With advanced lighting controls, it’s simply possible to save a great amount of energy consumption. Discover the power of advanced lighting controls and implement the facility in your building to enjoy huge savings.

Over the last few years, its popularity has been increasing and many manufacturers are executing lighting controls to reduce energy consumption to a great extent. If you’re planning to implement advanced lighting controls recently, it’s better to develop a good list of requirements to compare them from a different point of views and areas.

Energy Savings

The retrofit of lighting control system is definitely saving energy consumption. Everybody gives priority in this case as it saves both energy and money. So, it’s essential to see if the provider has the reporting capability so that it will be possible to measure the actual savings.


Make sure that it allows checking the fixtures and status of sensors in the entire area and a networked system can only provide the facility. It is essential for troubleshooting and often comes as very useful. If the technology is not properly used, all the saving possibilities can be overruled. So, a networked solution is important to monitor the scenarios that ultimately meet the savings goals.

User-friendly Integration

Actually, you don’t need an engineering degree to monitor energy consumption adjusting the set points. If there is a graphical interface, it will be simply useful to understand the granular information. So, it will be a good idea to choose a system where it’s easier to monitor different measures of energy conservation at a time.


It’s really important to know about the process of renovating and how the fixtures will be set up in the zone. Is it possible to make the simple changes in-house or need to call a technician all the time?


If you’re thinking of executing the lighting controls for the first time, it’s vital to know the level of control you have. It will definitely be helpful in case of future expansion.


You should know about the scalability of the systems as you peruse various options. Is it possible to expand and reach to a structure, floor or even a department at a time?

Daylight Harvesting

In a good lighting control system, daylight harvesting is always an important factor as it’s simply possible to utilize sunlight of glass windows and curtain walls. Make sure that you’re enjoying the facility as well.