The 2017 NEC Code Changes and Things You Must Know

In the latest edition of NFPA 70, the new technology and worker safety got the highest importance. The 2017 NEC(National Electrical Code) introduces crucial updates and it also added quite a few major provisions. The contractors must know the changes and here is a brief summary of key changes:

-Marking of Arc Flash Hazard [Section 110.16 (B)]

For specific arc flash information, you’ll be required the labels such as the actual fault current, system voltageas well as overprotective devices (clearing time) depending on fault current. It applies ampere ratings and incorporated exceptions.

-Other than Dwellings [Section 210.8 (B)]

To apply to additional locations and larger circuits, GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interruption) has increased its requirements.

-Garage Branch Circuits [Section 210.11 (C)]

A dedicated branch circuit is essential as the modern garages use many tools for supplying its receptacle outlets.  Within the range, it’s now allowed to feed outdoor receptacle (readily accessible).

-Circuit-Interrupter and Arc-Fault Protection [Section 210.12]

AFCI protection is presently required for dwelling units as it’s well known and already established. Fordormitory bathrooms and guest rooms, the 2017 NECis considering to expand its protection as well as devices and the outlets of the circuit supplying.

-Electrical Service Areas [Section 210.64]

Within the 50 feet, the20A or 125 V 15 A receptacle needed to be located and it was the 2014 requirement. However, the distance has been limited to 25 feet in 2017 NEC and location should be easily accessible. In fact, it came as a great benefit for the electrical contractors.

-Receptacle Outlets of Meeting Room [Section 210.71]

The outlets in meeting rooms have been addressed by the NEC has addressed for the first time. And the need of outlets for meeting rooms is covered in the new requirements.

-Performance Testing [Section 230.95(C)]

After installation, it’s now required to do an elementary current injection testing. In case of faults in the ground, it protects from damaging the expensive equipment.

-Arc Energy Reduction [Section 240.87]

For the electrical contractors, it obviously focuses on personal protection. It adds energy reduction methods like instantaneous override and trip.

Power Monitoring Equipment [Section 312.8 (B)]

The provisional rules and additional safety for devices, sensors and energy efficiency with superior consciousness make the power equipment even better to use.

Service Panelboards [Section 408.3(A) (2)]

For the protection of electric shock hazard, the servicePanelboards will be aligned in place for switchgear and switchboards.