The Unique Features Field Attachable Connectors Should Have

Field attachable connectors mainly do the job of creating field connections to bulk cable in machine building, automotive, and material handling applications. The bulk cable has individual wire colors that need to be matched to the color-coded screw terminals for error-free field installation.

Connectors are designed exclusively to meet the safety and quality standards of the systems where they are applied. Today’s manufacturers produce them with rugged housing material to withstand harsh and challenging environments in both land and water.

What are M12 Field Attachable Connectors?

An M12 connector, which meets industrial standards and features an extensive range of operating temperature, is used in harsh conditions such as on machines and railway. It can adapt to the harsh railway environment where inflammability and continuous vibration pose a risk to transportation systems and safety of the people traveling.

The Unique Features of Field Attachable Connectors

The field attachable connectors have various uses in different applications. However, high-quality connectors should have some features that will make them functional even in the most challenging of environments and resourceful for the users. Let’s take a look at those unique characteristics:

Field Installable

Sometimes, some tasks require the attachment of the connector at the job site. In those cases, field attachable connectors allow an installer the flexibility of making the connection wherever needed.

Such applications may include the conversion of a hard-wired sensor to quick disconnect or the replacement of a damaged connector.

Fineness of Design

The connectors should have excellent design and construction to withstand the challenging industrial environments. High-quality products should facilitate speed installation, reduce termination time, ensure excellent mounting characteristics, and meet the demands of the most rugged industrial settings. All these features increase the competence for users significantly.

Rich in Features

Highly engineered materials go into the making of first-grade field attachable connectors. They are supposed to facilitate almost “tool-less” terminations besides featuring rugged impact-resistant housings, high-performance copper alloy contacts, and metallic coupling nuts.

The connectors also ensure the highest network uptime in conditions that require EMC or electromagnetic compatibility.


The connectors should be flexible enough to fulfill the requirements of the premier industrial standards of their particular application fields. They should also comply with the international standard.

Cost Efficiency

Advanced connectors are cost-efficient because they reduce installation time and greatly simplify assembly that reduces the total installation cost.

A wide range of field attachable connectors is available in the market. Their types and functions depend on their manufacturers and the industrial environments they are going to be applied. However, some common types of field attachable connectors are M12, M8, Mini, Micro/Mid, and more.